Dementia & Alzheimer Screenings

Have you noticed a sudden personality change in a loved one?  Has lovable and affable behavior transformed into irritability and anger--energy and motivation into apathy?

Are daily routine tasks becoming increasingly difficult to carry out?  Tired of forgetting where you put the car keys, what needs to be bought at the grocery store, and what you meant to do just a few minutes ago?


Are you no longer achieving your fullest potential when it comes to your job or family duties?  Fearful you or a loved one has dementia?  Not sure what to do about it?  Significant memory problems, confusion, and depression are not always part of the normal aging process, especially if they begin to interfere with an individual's activities of daily living.  Early diagnosis may aid in formulating the most effective treatment plan and slow worsening of symptoms.  Significant improvements can be made in one's life with the proper evaluation and treatment.  Intervention for families caring for those afflicted is also available.  Most importantly, our aim is to improve yours or a loved one's mental efficiency and feeling of well-being for a happier, healthier, and more productive life.