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Child, Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Child, Adolescent Behavioral Issues Mental health services to children, adolescents and families. We provide mental health services to children and adolescents.

Dementia & Alzheimer Screenings

Personality Change, Anger, Low Energy? Have you noticed a sudden personality change in a loved one? Has lovable and affable behavior transformed into irritability and anger ; energy and motivation into apathy?

Cognitive Rehabilitation and Memory Training

Cognitive training can enhance memory, mental agility and attention. With the proper exercises, memory, attention, and reasoning can be improved. The more you practice a particular skill, the stronger that skill becomes.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is a treatment for depression that is revolutionizing the field of clinical psychiatry.

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The best way to schedule an appointment is to call us but please feel free to contact us via our online form. Inquire about an appointment
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Biofeedback uses your mind to control your body. Using cutting edge computer technology you receive “feedback” about your body’ s physical condition.
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Comprehensive Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation can provide a thorough and detailed picture of how and why someone is experiencing the difficulties and concerns that present themselves day in and day out.
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Depression / Anxiety

We offer comprehensive psychological assessment of depression and anxiety symptoms.
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Services For Senior Adults

We offer a wide range of services for older adults and their families. Individual, group and family counseling are offered to assist with age-related issues.
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Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

Therapy, marital/caregiver support, and family counseling can be very important in successful treatment of memory loss and/or cognitive decline.
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Speech Therapy

A speech therapist’s (or speech language pathologist’s) role is to provide treatment to help increase a person’s communication ability in writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Our Doctors

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Doctor Batlas 2017
Theodore J. Batlas, Psy. D Neuropsychologist After earning his doctorate in clinical psychology from Florida Tech., Dr. Ted Batlas received his neuropsychology fellowship training at JFK Medical Center. He has served as a consultant for the New Jersey Brain Injury Alliance and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

About Us

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It is our philosophy to capitalize on strengths and to deal with, even mitigate, weaknesses.


Frequent Questions

How do I make an appointment?

A:Neuropsychology & Counseling Associates looks forward to our meaningful partnership starting on your first visit with us. Please call one of our four (4) offices to schedule your preferred appointment time. If you are unable to keep your appointment please call us within 24 hours so that we can reschedule you for a more convenient time.

Where are you located?

A: We have five (5) offices located in Central New Jersey:

What insurance do you accept?

A:Aetna, Barnabas, Magellan, Magnacare,Medicare.gov, NJ Care PIP, Oxford Health Plans, Qualcare and Worker's Compensation.
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